Hello! My name is Richard Sanders and lately the first question that I am asked is, “Why are you running for Recorder’s Court Judge?” I am running for judge because I believe that I am the most qualified and caring candidate who is concerned about the overall outcome of the cases before me. I will be a judge who is unbiased, and I will make my rulings based upon the facts presented to me. I will make rulings that will satisfy justice while still being considerate of the person who is standing before me. In many instances, Recorder’s Court is the first and sometimes only encounter average citizens will have with the judicial system. So, the judge must be patient, even tempered, and willing to educate citizens to the extent that they can. I have always considered myself a hard worker especially when it concerns helping others. I believe judges should be willing to help and should find innovative ways to apply justice fairly and with impartiality. I am running because I am experienced, dedicated, and most importantly willing and ready to be your next Recorder’s Court Judge.

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